China Wary as Isolated Putin Seeks Support from Xi Amid Looming War Tensions

Beijing, China – Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing to seek support for his country’s ongoing war efforts in Ukraine. Despite China’s cautious approach to the conflict and potential punitive measures from the West, Putin commended China’s understanding of the root causes of the conflict and its global significance. The meeting comes as Putin aims to solidify support from a crucial international ally amidst mounting pressure from Western sanctions.

Xi’s recent principles for ending the war, outlined during talks with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, emphasize the need to de-escalate the situation, restore peace, and minimize the impact on the global economy. However, Ukrainian officials have dismissed Putin’s calls for negotiations as hypocritical, highlighting ongoing violence and destruction in Ukrainian cities.

Russia and China’s alliance, touted as a “no limits” relationship, has faced scrutiny as Beijing refrains from providing direct military support to Russia in its conflict with Ukraine. The economic partnership between the two countries has become increasingly important for Russia as it grapples with Western sanctions. China, already embroiled in a trade war with the United States, is wary of further scrutiny over its ties with Russia.

As tensions escalate, the US imposed new tariffs on Chinese imports, leading China to vow retaliation to protect its interests. The US has also targeted Chinese entities with sanctions over their perceived support for Russia. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy has been working to gather international support for a peace summit, despite Russia’s dismissal of the initiative.

In a recent development, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, during a visit to Ukraine, emphasized the need for Russia to pay for the reconstruction of the war-torn country. Zelenskyy, in a plea to Blinken, requested Patriot missile defense systems to counter Russian advances near the border.

The upcoming meeting between Putin and Xi in Beijing will serve as a crucial test of China’s stance on the conflict in Ukraine, as both countries navigate the complexities of their economic partnership amidst global pressure and regional conflicts.