Sexual Predator Admits Abusing Child During Police Interview, Faces Life in Prison

Apopka, Florida – A 26-year-old man, Stephen Bodley, is facing the possibility of life in prison after admitting to sexually abusing a child during an interview for a job at the Apopka Police Department. This revelation came to light when he was asked to elaborate on concerning answers he had provided in a pre-test questionnaire. Bodley confessed to sexually abusing a child in the past during this interview process.

Prosecutors revealed that Bodley had initially denied the crimes during the trial, despite having admitted to them on three separate occasions. However, during questioning, he disclosed details of engaging in “sexual games” with the child, indicating a pattern of abuse that occurred over several years. The horrific acts took place while Bodley was a teenager, and the victim was not yet 18 years old. The abuse, characterized by Bodley as a “game,” involved inappropriate sexual behavior that left the victim feeling uncomfortable.

Throughout the investigation and trial, Bodley attempted to downplay the severity of his actions, portraying them as innocuous games rather than acknowledging the harm he caused. Despite his efforts to minimize the abuse, jurors found him guilty of sexual battery on a child. As a result, Bodley faces the possibility of a life sentence, with his sentencing scheduled for June.

The victim’s harrowing account detailed instances of Bodley forcing the victim into unwanted sexual encounters, with the victim recalling feeling helpless and uncomfortable during these traumatic experiences. Prosecutors emphasized Bodley’s repeated denials of the abuse during the trial, highlighting the stark contrast between his testimony and his previous admissions of guilt.

As the legal process unfolds, authorities are working to ensure justice for the victim and hold Bodley accountable for his reprehensible actions. The case underscores the importance of addressing instances of child sexual abuse and providing support to survivors. If you or someone you know has been affected by similar experiences, resources such as Rape Crisis England & Wales and the National Sexual Assault Hotline in the US offer confidential support and assistance.