“China’s Foreign Minister Warns of Potential Conflict with US and Defends Russia Ties, Calling for Rational Diplomacy”

China’s New Foreign Minister Warns of Conflict with US, Defends Russia Ties

In a recent interview, China’s new foreign minister, Qin Gang, warned of potential conflict with the US and defended China’s ties with Russia. Gang stated that the US had left the “rational path” in regards to their relations with China, and claimed that suppressing China would not make America great. Gang emphasized that China fully respected Middle East countries as masters of their own affairs.

Gang also defended China’s relationship with Russia, saying that the two countries shared a wide range of interests, including opposition to hegemonism and power politics. Gang argued that the two countries had a responsibility to promote peace and stability in the world. Gang stated that China would not follow the US in its approach to Russia, emphasizing that China would always protect its sovereignty and dignity.

The comments come as tensions between the US and China continue to escalate over a wide range of issues, including trade, human rights, and territorial conflicts. The Biden administration has taken a tougher stance on China than its predecessor, with US officials accusing China of engaging in a range of malicious activities, including cyber attacks and human rights abuses.

The US has also been seeking to build a coalition of countries to push back against China’s growing influence in the world. Some analysts have cautioned that the US may be overestimating its ability to contain China and that tensions may escalate into a full-blown conflict.

Despite the tensions, some experts have argued that it is still possible for the US and China to find common ground on certain issues, such as climate change and global health. However, such cooperation will require both countries to set aside their differences and work towards mutual interests.