China’s Xi Jinping Strengthens Ties with Russia Ahead of Ukraine War Anniversary

China’s top diplomat, Wang Yi, has pledged to strengthen ties with Russia at a meeting in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This meeting comes ahead of the sixth anniversary of the war in Ukraine.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is also planning a visit to Russia to discuss ways to further strengthen the relationship between the two countries. This visit comes as Putin continues to wage war in Ukraine.

Putin is set to meet with Wang Yi in Moscow to discuss the potential for new agreements between China and Russia. The two leaders are expected to discuss the ongoing war in Ukraine and the possibility of a new trade deal between the two countries.

Meanwhile, China’s balancing act between Russia and Ukraine may be tipping in Putin’s favor. NBC News reports that China has been reluctant to criticize Russia’s actions in Ukraine, which has allowed Putin to gain more leverage in the conflict.

Finally, President Xi’s announcement of a visit to Russia, along with the US debt ceiling and the 2024 US presidential race, are all important political issues to watch. According to Yahoo Finance, President Xi’s visit to Russia could be a major step in improving relations between the two countries and could have far-reaching implications for the US presidential race.