Democrats Condemn Presidential Hopeful’s ‘Deplorable’ Claims of Ethnically Targeted Covid-19 Engineering

Presidential hopeful Robert Kennedy Jr faced criticism from his own family as well as the White House for his controversial comments about the engineering of the Covid-19 virus. In a recent dinner in New York City, Kennedy claimed that the virus was designed to target specific ethnic groups. Video footage of his remarks, alleging that Covid-19 was targeted at Caucasians and Black people, was published by the New York Post on Saturday, sparking accusations of racism and antisemitism. Kennedy also suggested that China was responsible for developing viruses as bioweapons.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre condemned Kennedy’s claims during a media briefing. She described his remarks as false and vile, emphasizing that they put fellow Americans in danger by perpetuating racist and antisemitic conspiracy theories. Kennedy’s sister, Kerry Kennedy, who chairs the Robert F Kennedy human rights advocacy group, also expressed her strong condemnation of his comments on social media. She made it clear that his statements did not align with the values of her organization, which has a long history of standing against racism and discrimination.

Democratic former Massachusetts congressman Joe Kennedy III, nephew of Robert Kennedy Jr, echoed his sister’s condemnation, calling his uncle’s comments hurtful and wrong. The younger Kennedy, who serves as the US special envoy to Northern Ireland, expressed his unequivocal rejection of what was said. The involvement of close family members in denouncing Kennedy’s words reflects the growing outrage surrounding his remarks.

Kennedy attempted to distance himself from his previous statements through a statement issued by his campaign staff. He claimed that the New York Post story was mistaken and denied suggesting that the Covid-19 virus was engineered to spare Jews. Kennedy accused the reporter of exploiting an off-the-record conversation to portray him as an antisemite, asserting that such maneuvers were part of the mainstream media playbook to discredit him.

House Democrats also spoke out against Kennedy’s comments, emphasizing that they did not reflect the views of the Democratic party. Jaime Harrison, chair of the Democratic National Committee, called the remarks deeply troubling. Additionally, Kyle Herrig, executive director of the congressional integrity project, wrote a letter to Ohio Republican Jim Jordan, requesting that Kennedy be disinvited from a scheduled hearing.

It is important to note that Kennedy is known for his conspiracy theories and skepticism towards vaccines. Contrary to scientific evidence, he retracted a claim made in June that he communicated with deceased individuals on a daily basis. The controversy surrounding his recent remarks adds to the criticism he has faced in the past.

The growing condemnation from within his own family, as well as from political circles, underscores the significance of Kennedy’s comments. While he attempted to disavow them, it remains to be seen how this controversy will affect his standing in the Democratic presidential nomination race.