Dogs Take Flight: Inside BARK’s $6,000 ‘White Paw Experience’ from NYC to LA!

NEW YORK CITY, US – Air travel has taken on a new meaning as BARK, the company behind BarkBoxes, launched its first-ever BARK Air “white paw experience” flight. The flight, which departed from Westchester County Airport in New York City and landed in Los Angeles, aimed to provide dogs with a unique and comfortable air travel experience, putting their needs first. BARK’s Chief of Staff, Katharine Enos, described the inaugural flight as a “great success.”

The idea for BARK Air stemmed from CEO Matt Meeker’s personal struggle to travel with his Great Dane, Hugo. Meeker envisioned an airline that prioritized the well-being and comfort of dogs throughout the entire travel experience. The “white paw experience” starts with a stress-free check-in process in a lounge filled with dog treats, eliminating the need for crates, TSA checkpoints, or screenings before boarding.

Onboard the flight, a mix of breeds, including chihuahuas, a golden retriever, and dachshunds, enjoyed amenities such as BARK cereal treats, dog-friendly cupcakes, puppuccinos, and doggie champagne. Passengers and their furry companions formed connections over their shared love for dogs, creating a harmonious and enjoyable environment.

Tickets for the flight cost $6,000, including accommodations for one dog and its owner. The company plans to expand its flight offerings to destinations like London, Paris, Milan, Chicago, Seattle, Florida, and Arizona. Each flight is expected to host around 10 dogs and 15 people, ensuring a personalized and comfortable experience for both pets and owners.

Partnering with charter company Talon Air, BARK Air ensures a high standard of aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance for each flight. With a commitment to providing dogs with a safe and stress-free air travel experience, BARK Air is setting a new standard for pet-friendly travel.