DOJ Refuses to Share Information with House GOP: Jim Jordan Left Out of Ongoing Investigations

In a major rebuke to House Republicans, the Justice Department has refused to share information about ongoing investigations with Congressman Jim Jordan. The DOJ’s first response to the House Judiciary Committee’s requests came in the form of a letter sent to the committee chairman, Representative Jerrold Nadler, and Representative Jim Jordan, the top Republican on the committee.

The letter, which was obtained by CNN, stated that the Justice Department reserves the right to not cooperate with certain House GOP requests and that it would not share information about ongoing investigations with Jordan. Fox News reported that the DOJ’s stance was a “stiff-arm” to House Republicans.

The letter also stated that the DOJ would not respond to any requests related to the ongoing investigations until the House Judiciary Committee has reached an agreement with the department on how to proceed. Yahoo News reported that the DOJ’s response is likely to set off a contentious battle between the House and the Justice Department.

Jordan has yet to comment on the letter, but the DOJ’s response is sure to further complicate the already strained relationship between the two branches of government.