Peru in Crisis: Tear Gas, Protests, and Calls for President to Resign

Protests in Peru continue to spread across the country as citizens call for the resignation of President Martin Vizcarra. Thousands of people took to the streets of Lima on Saturday, where they faced off with police in a series of running battles. The police responded with tear gas, but the protesters remained undeterred and vowed to keep demonstrating.

The situation in Peru has been described as “nationwide chaos” as other cities and towns join in the protests. In Lima, there were reports of flames erupting as protesters clashed with police. The protests have been prompted by a range of issues, including corruption, economic inequality, and a broken political system.

The current crisis has shone a light on Peru’s democratic dysfunction and the need to fix the country’s broken system. In a recent article for Foreign Affairs Magazine, experts called for long-term reforms to address the underlying issues and ensure that the country’s citizens are protected.

For now, however, the protests continue and the situation in Peru remains uncertain.


This story has been updated to reflect the latest developments in Peru.