Donald Trump and Joe Biden Face Off Over Classified Documents Found at Mike Pence’s Home

In a strange twist of events, classified documents have been discovered at Vice President Mike Pence’s private residence, causing a stir among the campaigns of President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

The documents, which have not been made public, have been classified by the government as confidential. Both campaigns have jumped on the disclosure as a defense in the ongoing election dispute.

Trump’s campaign has argued that the documents prove the president’s innocence in the matter. Meanwhile, Biden’s team has argued that the documents show that Pence was aware of the allegations against Trump and sought to cover them up.

In addition to the Pence documents, five other things to know for January 25 include: tornadoes, immigration, Covid-19, Ukraine, and the classified documents.

The classified documents have been the subject of much speculation, with many people questioning why they were found at Pence’s residence.

The discovery of the documents has raised questions about the Trump administration’s handling of classified information, and has further complicated the already contentious election dispute.

For now, the contents of the documents remain unknown, and it is unclear how the discovery will affect the outcome of the election.

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