Dow Tumbles 200 Points as Stock Market Sees Mixed Earnings and Glitches Ahead of Wednesday Opening

The stock market had a tumultuous day Tuesday as earnings season continued, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbling more than 200 points. Microsoft was one of the biggest decliners, falling on dismal guidance.

The S&P 500 ended the day about flat, after a mixed bag of earnings reports and a brief opening glitch.

As earnings season continues, stock market news was mixed on Wednesday. Stocks closed mixed as the rally waned and more earnings reports poured in.

Investors are wondering why stocks are down today. The answer may lie in the five things to know before the stock market opens Wednesday, according to CNBC. These include the potential for more stimulus, the Biden administration’s plans for the economy, the job market, and the outlook for the tech sector.

It remains to be seen how the stock market will perform on Wednesday, with investors keeping a close eye on the latest news.