Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram Accounts Reinstated with New Guardrails to Prevent Repeat Offenses

Former President Donald Trump is set to return to social media after two years of suspension. Meta, the company which owns Facebook and Instagram, announced that it would be reinstating Trump’s accounts with new guardrails in place to deter any repeat offenses.

The decision was made after Truth Social CEO, John Smith, shut down rumors that Trump was ditching the platform for Twitter and Facebook. Smith stated that Trump would remain on the platform, as long as he followed the new guardrails that were being put in place.

Trump was initially suspended from both Facebook and Instagram in January of 2021, after the events at the Capitol. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that the suspension was necessary to prevent further incitement of violence.

The new guardrails that have been put in place will be monitored by a team of independent experts. This team will have the power to impose sanctions if Trump is found to be in violation of the new rules.

It remains to be seen how Trump will use his social media accounts now that he is back online. However, with the new guardrails in place, it is likely that he will be more careful about what he posts.