Doug Williams Excited for Historic Super Bowl Featuring Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts

The Super Bowl is quickly approaching and with it, the potential for a historic moment. This year, two of the most promising young quarterbacks in the league, Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts, could be the first Black quarterbacks to face off in a Super Bowl.

Doug Williams, the first and only Black quarterback to win a Super Bowl, is excited for the potential matchup. In a Q&A with The Athletic, he said, “It couldn’t make me happier. To have two young Black quarterbacks in the Super Bowl, it would be a great moment for a lot of Black, young quarterbacks coming up.”

The matchup is far from certain, however. Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are the defending champions, and Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles have been on a hot streak since he took over as starting QB.

ESPN’s First Take discussed the potential matchup, with Stephen A. Smith saying, “It would be a great moment for the NFL if this happens.”

The New York Post predicted a Chiefs-Eagles matchup in the 2023 Super Bowl, saying it would be “an epic battle between two of the most talented young quarterbacks in the league.”

Only time will tell if history will be made this year, but regardless, the Super Bowl will be a great moment for Black quarterbacks and the NFL.

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