GM Hourly Workers Receive Record-Breaking Profit-Sharing Checks After Impressive Q4 Earnings

General Motors is having a stellar start to the year, as record-breaking profit-sharing checks are being handed out to hourly workers, along with a strong outlook for 2023.

As reported by Detroit News, GM hourly workers will receive the biggest profit-sharing checks ever, amounting to over $12,000. This is due to the company’s strong financial performance in 2020, despite the margin squeeze caused by the pandemic.

CNBC reported that GM smashed expectations and is guiding toward a strong 2023, despite the financial difficulties brought on by the pandemic. The Wall Street Journal added that GM’s fourth-quarter profit soared as supply-chain problems eased.

CNN reported that GM shares surged after record earnings and a new stake in a lithium company. Finally, WXYZ 7 Action News Detroit reported that GM’s fourth-quarter earnings rose 16% as sales rebounded at the end of last year.

These reports show that GM is on a strong path to success, with the company’s outlook for 2023 looking promising. GM’s employees are also benefiting from the company’s success, with the record-breaking profit-sharing checks being handed out.