Drug Dealer Sentenced to Nine Years for Fatal Heroin and Fentanyl Mix

Kent, New York – A drug dealer from Putnam County has been sentenced to nine years in state prison for selling a lethal combination of heroin and fentanyl that resulted in a fatal overdose. William E. Mancusi III, 47, was convicted by a jury on charges of criminal possession and sale of controlled substances after his drugs led to the tragic death in 2021.

District Attorney Robert V. Tendy expressed dismay over Mancusi’s callous behavior, highlighting his blatant disregard for the dangerous substances he distributed. The drugs he sold, a potent mix of heroin, fentanyl, and xylazine, were identified by forensic scientist Jenna Snow as particularly deadly.

Investigations following a fatal overdose in Southeast concluded that Mancusi was the source of the lethal drugs. During an operation, he provided a confidential informant with the dangerous cocktail, boasting about their potency and warning the informant to use them cautiously.

Despite Mancusi’s request for drug treatment, Putnam County Court Justice Joseph Spofford sentenced him to nine years in prison, emphasizing his lack of remorse and failure to seek rehabilitation for his addiction. This is not Mancusi’s first brush with the law, as he had previously been convicted of vehicular manslaughter and driving while impaired in 2008.

Tendy condemned Mancusi’s actions, remarking on the danger he had brought upon the community with his reckless drug distribution. The severity of the sentence reflects the court’s acknowledgment of Mancusi’s previous criminal history and his repeated failure to take responsibility for his actions. The Putnam County community can find some solace in knowing that justice has been served in this case.