“Eyes on Volume”: Big Food brands hit the reset button on their narrative at the CAGNY conference – will volume recovery be the key to regain consumer trust and investor favor?

BOCA RATON, Florida – Big food companies are seeking to change the narrative with investors amid the Ozempic craze and consumer resistance to rising prices. This shift is being discussed at the annual Consumer Analyst Group of New York conference, where major packaged food brands such as PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, and Hershey’s are presenting.

One of the key concerns being addressed at the conference is the decline in consumer purchasing volumes due to high prices. Executives from companies like General Mills and Conagra Brands are hesitant to predict a return to growth in the near future. To counter this trend, Hershey and Mondelēz are looking to innovate their product offerings, introducing different size and price point options to appeal to a wider range of consumers.

Another important topic of discussion at the conference is the potential for mergers and acquisitions within the industry. While no major announcements have been made, many companies are expressing openness to the idea of deals, provided that the right opportunity presents itself. There is also speculation about the possibility of food staples companies acquiring tech companies to gain a deeper understanding of consumers, similar to Walmart’s recent acquisition of Vizio.

The conference serves as an opportunity for these companies to share their strategies for navigating the current market conditions, presenting new products, and exploring potential partnerships or acquisitions. These discussions are crucial for investors seeking insights into the future direction of the food industry and the companies within it.

As the event unfolds, industry analysts and executives will continue to discuss key themes and potential opportunities for growth and adaptation within the ever-changing landscape of the food industry.