Find Out Who Wins Season 27 of ‘The Bachelor’ and What Zach Does For a Living!

The 27th season of The Bachelor premiered last night with a dramatic episode full of twists and turns. The show’s star, Zach, was introduced to 30 potential love interests and made some tough decisions throughout the evening.

The episode ended with Zach sending one woman home before the first rose ceremony. However, it seems that the drama has only just begun. Spoilers for the upcoming season suggest Zach will have to face a racist scandal.

In addition to the drama on the show, fans are also curious about Zach’s life off-screen. What does he do for a living? It turns out he has a job that pays a lot more than what he makes as The Bachelor.

It’s sure to be an exciting season with plenty of drama. Stay tuned for more updates on The Bachelor as the season progresses.

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