G20 Talks End in India Without Consensus on Ukraine War

The G20 summit in India ended without a consensus on the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the meeting was “marred” by the conflict.

The G20, an international forum of nations, was unable to come to an agreement on the war in Ukraine. Chinese President Xi Jinping had proposed an initiative to end the war, but it was not accepted by the other G20 nations.

India, which hosted the summit, is being seen as a key player in the effort to end the war. According to the Hindustan Times, India must lead the talks in order to untie the G20 knot.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the summit ended without a consensus on the war.

The Associated Press reported that the G20 nations failed to reach an agreement on the conflict, despite the Chinese initiative.

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