George Santos Denies Being a Drag Queen: Find Out What He Said About His ‘Fun’ Festival Photos

George Santos, a public figure from Brazil, has recently admitted to dressing up as a woman for ‘fun’, but denied the accusations of being a drag queen.

The accusations started when a local performer posted photos of Santos dressed in drag during a festival in Brazil. Santos responded to the claims by saying that he was ‘young and had fun at a festival’. He also clarified that he was not a drag queen in Brazil.

Despite Santos’s denial, many people have expressed their opinion that his explanation was not satisfactory. An article in The Washington Post argued that Santos’s denial was a ‘real drag’ and that he should have been more honest about his actions.

Santos’s response to the accusations has caused a stir among the public, with many people debating whether or not his actions were appropriate. The story has been covered by many news outlets, including Fox News, CNN, and Business Insider.

No matter what the public decides, Santos’s actions have certainly opened up a conversation about the appropriate use of drag and gender expression.