Gladiator 2 Set Accident Injures Multiple Crewmembers in Fiery Explosion

Multiple injuries have been reported on the set of the upcoming film “Gladiator 2” after a stunt went wrong. Variety reports that several crew members were injured in the accident, while the Hollywood Reporter states that multiple crew members were injured.

The accident occurred during a stunt sequence, and as a result, six crew members were injured, according to Deadline’s coverage. The injuries are not life-threatening, but the crew members were rushed to the hospital.

The Daily Mail reports that the injuries were caused by a fiery explosion on the set. The crew members were caught in the explosion while filming, resulting in burns and other injuries.

TheWrap confirms that several crew members were injured, but notes that the injuries were non-life-threatening.

It remains unclear what caused the accident, but authorities are investigating. The film’s producers have not yet released a statement regarding the incident.

“Gladiator 2” is the highly anticipated sequel to the Oscar-winning 2000 film “Gladiator,” which starred Russell Crowe. The sequel will reportedly follow the story of Lucius, the son of Lucilla and nephew of the villainous Commodus, who was played by Joaquin Phoenix in the first film.

The accident is likely to cause delays in filming and could impact the release date of the film, which was scheduled for release in 2023.