Netflix sees surge in sign-ups as password-sharing crackdown proves effective

Netflix Subscribers Increase After Password-Sharing Crackdown

Netflix has seen a surge in new subscribers in the United States in the wake of its recent password-sharing crackdown. The streaming service saw a rise in sign-ups by the highest level since the COVID pandemic began, according to CNN.

The crackdown has been in effect since May, as Netflix aims to crack down on password sharing between users. This resulted in thousands of users being prompted to sign up for their own accounts or to be removed from their current account.

Yahoo Finance reported that Netflix added a “surprisingly high” number of new subscribers in the US, citing an increase of over 100,000 daily sign-ups. A CNBC report showed Netflix’s worldwide subscriptions rose by 14% in the first quarter of 2021, with 7.4 million new subscribers.

The crackdown has been controversial, with many users expressing their frustrations on social media. However, Netflix has maintained that the move was necessary to protect content creators and ensure they receive the appropriate income.

While the streaming giant acknowledged that password sharing may continue to be an issue, the increased sign-ups and subscriptions may indicate that many users are willing to pay for their own accounts.

The recent surge in new subscribers is being seen as a positive development for Netflix, which has faced increasing competition in the streaming market in recent years. The company has reportedly invested heavily in new content to keep up with rivals such as Amazon Prime and Disney+.