Hong Kong Residents Forced to Surrender CBD Products After Ban Lumps it with Heroin and Cocaine

In a surprising move, Hong Kong has criminalized Cannabidiol (CBD) alongside heroin, cocaine, and other drugs deemed dangerous by the government. The new ban has left many businesses scrambling to get rid of CBD products, as they are now lumped together with more serious narcotics.

The decision has forced many businesses to either shut down or revamp their operations. This has caused a massive wave of CBD product surrenders, with more than 77,000 items already given up. Even items such as gummies and massage oils have been put in the same class as heroin and cocaine, making it difficult for many to stay in operation.

The ban has been met with some criticism from the public, as many argue that CBD is a harmless product with potential medical benefits. However, the government has made it clear that the ban is necessary to protect public safety.

The situation is still developing and it remains to be seen how the ban will affect businesses and consumers in the region.