Ukraine Begs West for Fighter Jets as Russia Claims Gains in War

As the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues to escalate, the international community is divided on how to respond.

According to CNN, the conflict has been ongoing for over two years and has resulted in thousands of casualties and millions of displaced people.

NBC News reports that the United States and its Western allies are divided on whether to provide Ukraine with fighter jets. The US has opposed the sale of F-16s to Ukraine, while other allies have argued that it is necessary to counter Russian aggression.

Reuters reports that US President Joe Biden has said there will be no F-16s for Ukraine, despite Russia claiming gains in the conflict.

The Associated Press – en Español reports that Ukraine has been pushing for Western fighter jets after tank deals. Ukraine has been “begging” the West for jets in order to counter Russia’s military advances.

Hindustan Times reports that the conflict has taken a heavy toll on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s arsenal.

The international community continues to be divided on how to respond to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. View Full Coverage on USNN for more updates.