“Jeremy Renner Overcomes Near-Fatal Accident to Walk Red Carpet with Daughter’s Support at First Premiere Since ICU Discharge”

Actor Jeremy Renner walked the red carpet at a premiere for his new television series “Mayor of Kingstown” just three months after a near-fatal accident. Renner expressed his gratefulness for being able to attend the event and credited his recovery to the support of his family, including his daughter, who joined him for the first time since the accident.

Renner also recently made headlines for being “kicked out” of the first ICU he was placed in after his accident, as he wanted to continue his recovery at home with his family. He joked about the incident on a fake Cameo video he received from fellow actor Paul Rudd, in which Rudd pretended to be Renner’s biggest fan.

Despite the setbacks and challenges he’s faced, Renner’s career continues to thrive. “Mayor of Kingstown,” which he both stars in and produces, follows the dynamics of power and corruption in a Midwestern city’s prison system. The show will premiere on Paramount+ on November 14th.

Fans of the actor are thrilled to see him back on the red carpet and are eagerly anticipating his next project.