Joe Biden’s Historic Visit to Kyiv: Putin ‘Dead Wrong’ on Ukraine War

Joe Biden made history this week as he became the first sitting US president to visit Kyiv, Ukraine, in more than two decades. Biden, who was accompanied by his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to discuss the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, as well as the ongoing efforts to combat corruption in the country.

During the visit, Biden condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin’s actions in Ukraine, saying he was “dead wrong” in his assessment of the situation. Biden also praised Ukraine’s progress in tackling corruption, noting that the country had made “significant strides” in recent years.

The visit was months in the making, with days of secrecy leading up to Biden’s arrival in Kyiv. Biden and his team had to carefully plan the trip to avoid drawing attention from the press, and the US Secret Service was on high alert to ensure the president’s safety.

The visit and Biden’s message of support for Ukraine is a reminder of who really leads Europe, according to The Washington Post. Biden’s strong stance on the conflict is a signal to Putin that the US will not back down in its support for Ukraine.

Biden’s trip to Kyiv was also a chance for him to demonstrate his commitment to the people of Ukraine, and to show that he will continue to stand with them in their fight for freedom and democracy. He made a point to meet with everyday Ukrainians, as well as members of the Ukrainian diaspora, to discuss the importance of protecting their rights and freedoms.

At the end of his trip, Biden left Kyiv with a renewed sense of optimism for the future of Ukraine, and a commitment to continue working together to ensure a more secure, prosperous, and democratic future for the country.