“Kari Lake Tops DeSantis and Haley in CPAC Vice President Poll, Trump’s Reception and CPAC’s Republican Primary Straw Poll Results Spark Controversy”

Donald Trump’s speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) has proven divisive among Republicans, with some embracing his message of “America First” and others criticizing his abrupt departure from the party’s traditional values.

At the conference, Trump won the Republican primary straw poll with a resounding majority, beating Florida Governor Ron DeSantis into a distant second place. However, the results were not seen as a huge surprise, given that the former president was likely to draw significant support from the CPAC crowd.

Trump’s CPAC appearance was also overshadowed by his return to the public arena after months out of the spotlight, and his low-key reception has left some wondering whether he still holds the same influence he did in his prime.

The Hill reported that Kari Lake, a former Phoenix news anchor who has aligned herself with Trump, won a poll for the vice presidential nomination, beating out DeSantis and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

Despite Trump’s rampant popularity among some members of the GOP, some conservatives have argued that his divisive rhetoric and lack of focus on core conservative principles have compromised the party’s goals.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Cynthia Allen wrote that it was a mistake for CPAC to focus so heavily on Trump, arguing that his “embarrassing” behavior has alienated many voters.

While Trump’s CPAC speech is unlikely to settle the debate over his role in the Republican Party, it has nevertheless renewed interest in what could be a fiercely contested 2024 presidential race.