Kennedy Clarifies: Covid-19 Virus Not Targeted to Spare Jews, but Raises Concerns Over Ethnically Targeted Bioweapons

Ritchie Kennedy Clarifies Controversial Comments on Covid-19 Virus

New York Representative Ritchie Torres is defending himself after facing backlash for his recent comments regarding the Covid-19 virus. Torres clarified that he never suggested that the virus was targeting Jews, contrary to how his statement was interpreted. Instead, he claims that his intention was to express his belief that governments, including the United States, were developing “ethnically targeted bioweapons.” He cited a 2021 study on genetic susceptibility to Covid-19 as evidence that such weapons could be created.

Torres’ remarks drew criticism from fellow politicians, including Representative Ritchie Torres (D-N.Y.). In a tweet, Torres referred to Kennedy as a “complete crackpot” who has no place near the presidency. The criticism from Torres was particularly scathing, as he expressed disappointment in Kennedy’s efforts to honor his father’s name.

This is not the first time Kennedy has faced public scrutiny for his views. Members of his own family have publicly criticized him for his stance on vaccines, including his sister Rory Kennedy and cousin Patrick Kennedy. Both declined to support his bid for the presidency.

While Kennedy’s comments on vaccines are not new, the recent controversy stems from a press dinner on Tuesday. The event made headlines not because of Kennedy’s vaccine stance, but because of a reported “war of words and farts” that broke out among attendees over a disagreement on climate change. The incident occurred at a time when Kennedy is struggling to maintain momentum in early polls.

In conclusion, Ritchie Kennedy has faced backlash for his comments regarding the Covid-19 virus. He clarified that he did not suggest the virus was targeting Jews, but rather expressed concerns about the development of ethnically targeted bioweapons. The controversy adds to previous criticism he has faced from members of his own family regarding his stance on vaccines. The press dinner incident not only drew attention to Kennedy’s vaccine comments but also highlighted a heated disagreement over climate change among attendees. As Kennedy faces ongoing scrutiny, he will need to address these controversies and work to regain momentum in his bid for the presidency.