Prime Minister Netanyahu Hospitalized for Suspected Dehydration Amid Heatwave

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Hospitalized for Suspected Dehydration

Jerusalem – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was admitted to the hospital on Saturday due to suspected dehydration, as the country experiences a wave of intense heat. The 73-year-old leader is currently in a “good condition” according to a statement from his office. Initial tests came out normal, and Netanyahu is undergoing additional routine tests as recommended by doctors.

Netanyahu was admitted to the Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan, a suburb of Tel Aviv. Prior to his hospitalization, he complained of mild dizziness. In a video statement, Netanyahu attributed his condition to spending time in the sun without a hat and water while at the Sea of Galilee. He expressed gratitude for the concern and thanked the medical team at Sheba for examining him. He advised the public to drink more water and minimize exposure to the sun during the ongoing heatwave.

Israel has been experiencing temperatures in the mid 30s Celsius (low 90s Fahrenheit) over the past several days, with expectations of this heatwave to continue for another week, according to the Israel Meteorological Service. Opposition leader Yair Lapid expressed his well-wishes to Netanyahu for a speedy recovery on Twitter.

Prime Minister Netanyahu holds a crucial position in Israeli politics as the leader of the center-right Likud Party. He has been a dominant figure in the country’s politics for nearly thirty years. In June 2021, he lost his position as prime minister after Naftali Bennett won a vote to form a government. However, he returned to power eighteen months later, forming a coalition government.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time Netanyahu’s health has caused concern. In October 2022, he fell ill while visiting a synagogue on Yom Kippur and was briefly hospitalized. However, there is currently no indication that his condition is incapacitating.

In the event that Netanyahu is unable to perform his duties as prime minister, Israeli law does not automatically appoint an acting prime minister. Instead, the cabinet would need to convene and elect an acting prime minister. Justice Minister Yariv Levin currently serves as deputy prime minister.

As Netanyahu recovers from dehydration, the public hopes for his swift return to lead the country amidst the challenges it faces both domestically and in the international arena. The well-wishes and concern expressed by various politicians and citizens serve as a testament to his significant role in Israeli politics.