“New Study Finds Long Covid Increases Risk of Death and Heart/Lung Problems, Urgent Need for Research and solutions”

Long COVID patients are at a significantly increased risk of death, heart and lung problems, according to a study published by CNN. The study analyzed data from over 73,000 people who had COVID-19, and found that nearly one third had experienced long COVID symptoms, including fatigue and respiratory problems. Furthermore, the study found that long COVID patients had a 73% increased risk of death compared to those who recovered from the virus with no ongoing symptoms.

A separate study published by News-Medical.Net has identified genetic markers associated with long COVID symptoms, particularly fatigue. The research analyzed data from over 4,000 individuals and identified a number of genetic variants that appeared to increase the risk of long COVID.

Meanwhile, Daily NK reports that some North Koreans are suffering from the effects of long COVID. According to sources within the country, many North Koreans who have contracted the virus are experiencing ongoing symptoms, including fatigue, respiratory problems, and mental health issues.

In response to these findings, WV News reports that research now needs to focus on understanding and treating long COVID. With millions of people around the world experiencing ongoing symptoms after COVID-19, there is a pressing need for healthcare professionals and researchers to work together to better understand the condition and develop effective treatments.