“Prince Harry’s Solo Appearance at King Charles’ Coronation Sparks Controversy Amidst Meghan Markle’s Absence”

In the lead up to King Charles’ coronation, there has been much speculation around who would be in attendance, particularly whether Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would attend. It has now been confirmed that Prince Harry will be present at the ceremony, but without his wife.

This news has caused a stir, with some commentators suggesting that Harry and Meghan are deliberately creating drama by not attending together. Speaking to GBNews, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams suggested that the couple are “playing a game” and that their absence will cause “seating plan chaos.”

However, others have suggested that Meghan’s absence is due to her pregnancy and travels restrictions. A spokesperson for the palace confirmed to CNN that Meghan will remain in the United States. Meanwhile, Yahoo News is reporting that the couple has made “demands” in exchange for attending the coronation.

Despite the rumors and speculation, the focus is now on the upcoming coronation and what it means for the future of the royal family. With Prince Charles set to take the throne, all eyes will be on how he plans to shape the monarchy and what kind of King he will be.