Record-Setting Cold Across Northeast as Wind Chills Dip to Decades-Low!

Residents across the Northeast were hit with the coldest air and lowest wind chills in decades this week. Connecticut was no exception, with some areas reporting record-setting lows.

The National Weather Service reported temperatures in the single digits and below zero in many areas. Wind chills were even lower, with some places reporting readings as low as -25°F.

The coldest temperatures were reported in the Northwest Hills, where temperatures reached -17°F. Other areas reported temperatures in the low single digits and wind chills around -10°F.

The cold weather is expected to last through the weekend, with temperatures slowly rising back up to the mid-20s by Sunday.

The cold has caused a number of problems, including frozen pipes and other infrastructure issues. Residents are urged to take precautions to stay warm and safe during the cold weather.

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