Brace Yourself: Below-Zero Wind Chills Hammer the Northeast as Extreme Cold Weather Moves In

Residents of the Northeastern United States are bracing for a cold snap as temperatures and wind chills dip below zero.

The National Weather Service issued a Winter Storm Warning for parts of New England and New York, predicting hazardous conditions for Monday and Tuesday.

The cold front is expected to move in from the Midwest, bringing with it below-zero wind chills and snow squalls. Temperatures are expected to reach their lowest point on Tuesday, with wind chills as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit in some areas.

The storm is expected to move out of the region by Wednesday, with temperatures gradually rising back to normal.

The National Weather Service has urged people in the affected areas to take precautions against the cold, such as wearing multiple layers of clothing and avoiding prolonged exposure to the elements.

The cold snap is expected to bring a variety of other effects, such as icy roads, power outages, and frozen pipes. Residents are urged to use caution while driving and to be prepared for the possibility of power outages.