Revelations Unveiled: Alex Murdaugh Trial Reveals New Details About Money, Pills, and Phone Records

The trial of Alex Murdaugh, accused of murdering his wife and son, has been ongoing for the past week and a half. In the latest developments, prosecutors have presented evidence that the disgraced attorney called 911 “less than 20 seconds” after arriving at the kennels.

In addition, new revelations have been made about the timeline of the murders, including phone records, money, and pills. Prosecutors have also pointed out that Murdaugh’s son, Paul, confronted him about “bags of pills” before the double slaying.

The defense has faced a major hurdle in the trial, as Murdaugh has been accused of lying to the police during questioning.

The trial is ongoing and is expected to last several more weeks. For more updates, follow full coverage on USNN.