Rishi Sunak Seals Historic Deal to End Brexit Mess: Northern Ireland Can Live with New Trade Agreement

UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak has unveiled a new vision for Brexit in Northern Ireland, pitching a deal to lawmakers that he hopes will bring an end to the ongoing Brexit mess.

The new deal, which was agreed upon between the UK and the EU, will see Northern Ireland remain in the UK’s customs territory, while also having access to EU markets. This means that goods can move freely between the UK and the EU, without the need for additional tariffs or customs checks.

The deal was welcomed by the DUP, who have been vocal critics of the Brexit process. However, they have raised concerns over the potential for the new deal to create a border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

Sunak has sought to allay these fears, stating that the new deal will ensure that Northern Ireland remains an integral part of the UK, and that it will be able to benefit from the same opportunities as the rest of the country.

The deal has also been welcomed by the Guardian, who have praised Sunak for his efforts to bring an end to the Brexit mess. The newspaper has argued that the deal is a good compromise, and that it will allow Northern Ireland to remain part of the UK, while also having access to the EU’s markets.

Overall, the new deal has been seen as a positive step forward for Northern Ireland, and for the UK as a whole. It remains to be seen, however, whether the deal will be enough to bring an end to the Brexit mess.