Rishi Sunak’s Brexit Deal Brings Hope to the UK Economy and Northern Ireland

British Chancellor Rishi Sunak has urged Conservative MPs not to create drama over the Brexit deal after a new Northern Ireland protocol was agreed upon between the UK and the EU. Sunak, who was “over the moon” with the new deal, said that it had given the UK economy much needed hope.

The Chancellor also spoke of his own humility, saying that he was “humble enough to tell people when [he] made mistakes”. He believes that the new Northern Ireland protocol will help to avoid a hard border between the UK and the EU, and that it will also help to protect the peace process in Northern Ireland.

The Hindu Editorial on Brexit and the Northern Ireland protocol has also commented on the new deal, noting that it has the potential to bring about much needed stability to the region. However, the Editorial also warned that there are still many issues to be resolved in order to ensure that the peace process is not disrupted.

Overall, the new Northern Ireland protocol has been welcomed by many, and it is hoped that it will help to bring about a much needed resolution to the Brexit crisis.