Senators Demand Access to Biden and Trump’s Classified Documents in Rare Bipartisan Outrage

In a rare bipartisan move, members of the Senate Intelligence Committee are demanding access to classified documents from both the Trump and Biden administrations. The committee’s chair, Senator Warner, said that “all things will be on the table” to get access to the documents.

Senator Ted Cruz was among those who called for access to the documents, saying it was “critical” for the FBI to search Hunter Biden’s home for classified documents.

Senator Lindsey Graham, however, was not in favor of the move, saying he did not have any secret files and was just carrying Chick-fil-A bags.

Despite Graham’s opposition, other senators from both parties expressed their outrage at the lack of access to the documents and called for the Biden and Trump administrations to provide them.

In response, the Senate GOP poured cold water on the idea of impeaching Biden.

The situation has become increasingly tense as the Intelligence Committee continues to push for access to the classified documents. It remains to be seen how the Biden and Trump administrations will respond.