Tech Stocks Soar as Fed Raises Interest Rates: Get the Latest Updates Before the Stock Market Opens Thursday

The stock market had a strong start on Thursday, with the S&P 500 and Nasdaq both opening higher as tech shares led the rally. Meta, a tech company, saw the largest gains in the market, with its shares rising nearly 5%.

The rally came as the Federal Reserve began its policy meeting, with the major US stocks up in anticipation of the meeting. Investors were expecting the Fed to raise interest rates, and the Fed did not disappoint. The Fed raised interest rates by a quarter point, sending the Dow soaring and erasing earlier declines.

The tech sector was one of the biggest beneficiaries of the Fed’s decision, with tech stocks soaring following the rate hike. Investors are now keeping a close eye on the tech sector, as the sector is expected to continue to benefit from the Fed’s decision.

In addition to the Fed’s decision, investors are also keeping an eye on the stock market as they prepare for it to open on Thursday. Investors should be aware of five things before the market opens, including the latest news on the tech sector, the Fed’s decision, and the latest developments in the stock market.

With the stock market continuing to rally, investors should keep an eye on the market as it opens on Thursday. The tech sector is expected to continue to benefit from the Fed’s decision, and the stock market could see further gains as the day progresses.