Tennis Superstars Sabalenka and Rybakina Face Off in Exciting Australian Open Semifinal – But What Happened Before the Match?

The Australian Open 2023 is in full swing as the LIVE FINAL between Arena Sabalenka and Elena Rybakina has just taken place. Fans were treated to a spectacular walk-on and warm-up, with the AO STATS MODE providing an exciting backdrop.

However, the match was overshadowed by controversy surrounding Victoria Azarenka. The tennis star was asked to remove her shirt before the semifinal match. According to reports, the request came from tournament officials.

The incident has sparked a debate about sexism in professional sports. Many have argued that the request was inappropriate and unfair given that male players are not asked to remove their shirts.

The match between Elena Rybakina and Aryna Sabalenka was a thrilling one, with Sabalenka emerging victorious. Fans can view full coverage of the Australian Open 2023 on USNN.