Ukraine President Zelenskyy Takes Action: Shakes Up Government Amid Growing Corruption Scandal

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has taken decisive action in the face of rising government corruption, sacking several top political aides in a major shake-up.

The resignations of the senior Ukrainian officials were announced in a statement from the President’s office, which cited the need to “restore public trust in the government”.

The resignations come after a series of corruption scandals involving top Ukrainian officials, including the former Minister of Health, who was found to have been involved in a bribery scheme.

The resignations were seen as a sign that Zelenskyy is serious about tackling corruption in the country.

The move has been welcomed by anti-corruption activists, who have long called for the government to take decisive action against corruption.

However, some critics have argued that the move is a political ploy by Zelenskyy to gain public support ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The resignations come at a time of increased political tensions in the country, with the government facing criticism over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic and its relations with Russia.

It remains to be seen how the shake-up will affect the political landscape in Ukraine, but it is clear that Zelenskyy is determined to tackle corruption in the country.