Umpire Ángel Hernández Retires After Controversial Career – Exclusive Details Inside!

GLENDALE, AZ – Angel Hernandez, a veteran umpire known for his controversial calls and on-field disputes with players, managers, and fans, has announced his retirement from Major League Baseball. The decision comes after Hernandez and MLB reached a financial settlement following negotiations that lasted two weeks.

In a statement to USA TODAY Sports, Hernandez reflected on his time in the league since his debut as an umpire in 1991, expressing gratitude for the friendships and experiences he gained throughout his career. The 62-year-old umpire cited a desire to spend more time with his family as the reason for his retirement, ending his run on May 9 after officiating a game between the Chicago White Sox and the Cleveland Guardians.

Hernandez, a Cuban-American, started his professional umpiring career at the age of 20 in the Florida State League. Despite facing challenges and controversies throughout his tenure, he highlighted the positive changes in baseball, particularly in diversity and minority representation, that he witnessed and contributed to over the years.

Known for his high-profile missed calls and contentious interactions with players, Hernandez’s retirement marks the end of a career overshadowed by criticism and scrutiny. His departure from the game comes after a racial discrimination lawsuit he filed against MLB in 2017 was dismissed by the courts in 2021.

While MLB’s statistical studies did not deem Hernandez as the worst umpire in the league, public opinion often portrayed him as one of the most scrutinized officials, with numerous incidents of missed calls documented throughout his career. Despite the controversies surrounding his decisions, Hernandez expressed pride in his role in promoting diversity within MLB as a minority umpire.

Reflecting on his decades-long career, Hernandez’s retirement signifies a shift in MLB officiating and opens the door for new umpires to make their mark on the game. As the league bids farewell to one of its most polarizing figures, Hernandez leaves behind a legacy marked by both criticism and contributions to the sport.