Vikings shock fans with release of star running back, Dalvin Cook

In a shocking move, the Minnesota Vikings have released their star running back Dalvin Cook. The move has left fans and analysts alike scratching their heads, with some, like Rich Eisen, saying they just don’t get it.

Cook had been with the Vikings for four seasons and had made the Pro Bowl each year. Sports Illustrated even named him one of the best running backs in Vikings history. So why would the team release him?

According to ESPN, it may have been a financial decision. Cook was set to become a free agent next year and was expected to command a high salary.

Now, Cook will be looking for a new team, and suggests the Denver Broncos or Miami Dolphins could be good fits for him. Fans of those teams are already getting excited at the thought of Cook lining up in their backfield.

As for Vikings fans, they are left wondering what the team’s plan is moving forward. With a big hole to fill at running back, they will be eagerly watching to see what the team does next.