Who Will Receive Oscar Nominations in 2023? Our Predictions and Surprises!

The Academy Awards are fast approaching and the anticipation for the 2023 Oscars nominations is already building. The list of contenders for the prestigious awards is long and the competition is sure to be fierce.

USA Today has put together a list of the contenders for sure, including Ke Huy Quan, who is sure to be a frontrunner for his performance in the upcoming movie. IndieWire has also predicted some surprise nominations that could actually happen, and Vulture has put together its final guesses.

Yahoo! Voices has reported that the Top Gun sequel is leading the sequels surge, and Entertainment Weekly News has provided an inside look at the Oscar nomination predictions and who could be a surprise.

We’ll have to wait until the nominations are announced to find out who will be crowned the winners of the 2023 Oscars. Until then, it’s anyone’s guess who will be taking home the golden statue.