DGA Unanimously Approves New Film & TV Contract, But SAG-AFTRA Affirms Strike Authorization: Existential Fight Looms for Actors and Writers

The Directors Guild of America (DGA) has approved a new film and television contract, but this may not be enough to end the writers’ strike in Hollywood. The new contract was unanimously approved by the DGA board and is now headed to members for ratification. The deal includes provisions for increased pay, better working conditions, and improved benefits for DGA members. However, the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) has affirmed their strike authorization and there is potential for actors to join the writers’ strike if their demands are not met.

The looming threat of an “existential fight” is causing tension among industry professionals. The potential for a prolonged strike could mean loss of jobs and income for individuals involved in the entertainment industry. Many are bracing themselves for the worst-case scenario and preparing for indefinite delays in projects and productions.

After the DGA approved their new contract, The Ankler’s Richard Rushfield wrote an opinion piece titled “The Sound of Silence,” where he expressed disappointment in the lack of response from industry leaders to the ongoing strike. He argues that the voices of writers and other industry workers must not be silenced and that their demands for fair pay and better working conditions must be heard.

As negotiations continue, the future of the entertainment industry remains uncertain. The strike has already caused significant disruptions, and there is no clear solution in sight. All stakeholders are urged to come to the table and work towards a resolution that benefits everyone involved.