UK Amazon Workers Strike: ‘Robots Treated Better’ Than Employees Over Pay and Working Conditions

Today, Amazon warehouse workers in the UK staged the first-ever strike in protest of the company’s proposed 50p pay raise. According to BBC News, the workers claim their toilet breaks are timed, and that robots in the warehouse are treated better than they are.

GMB Union, a British trade union, has stated that the proposed pay raise is not enough for Amazon workers to live on. Bloomberg reported that the union is calling on the company to increase wages and provide better working conditions.

The Independent reported that workers in the UK are demanding an hourly wage of £10.50, as well as an end to the timed toilet breaks. Amazon warehouse workers in Europe have already staged similar strikes in protest of their working conditions.

Amazon has not yet responded to the strike, but it is expected to comment soon. This story is developing, and USNN will provide full coverage as it progresses.